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C8R13A HPE MSA 2040 LFF DC-power chassis new cto

C8R13A HPE MSA 2040 LFF DC-power chassis new cto

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HPE MSA 2040 LFF DC-Power Chassis (Model C8R13A)

The HPE MSA 2040 LFF DC-Power Chassis (Model C8R13A) is a versatile storage solution designed for performance and scalability. Whether you’re expanding your existing storage infrastructure or setting up a new system, this chassis provides the flexibility you need. Let’s explore its features:

Key Features:

  • Large Form Factor (LFF): The chassis accommodates up to twelve 3.5-inch drives, allowing you to store substantial amounts of data.
  • Controller Options: You can install either one or two MSA 2040 controllers, providing redundancy and load balancing.
  • Connectivity: The MSA 2040 LFF Chassis supports 8Gb/16Gb Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity with 4 host ports per controller.
  • Energy Efficiency: It is ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring efficient power usage.
  • Performance: With a 6GB cache per controller (12GB per storage array), this chassis delivers high-speed data access.
  • Drive Compatibility: It supports various drive types, including SSDs, Enterprise SAS HDDs, Midline SAS HDDs, and Self Encrypting Drives.
  • Snapshot Protection: Ships standard with a license for 64 snapshots to enhance data protection.


  • Model: C8R13A
  • Drive Bays: 12 LFF bays (3.5-inch drives).
  • Power Supplies: Equipped with dual DC-power power supplies.
  • Advanced Data Services Suite (Optional):
    • Performance Automated Tiering
    • 512-Snapshot Software
    • Remote Snap Software
  • Condition- new cto
  • Warranty- 30 day return on defective items only. 
  • Contact- / Skype- Damiancampos118
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