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HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen10 Dual Xeon 4114, 256GB RAM, 20GB 650FLB

HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen10 Dual Xeon 4114, 256GB RAM, 20GB 650FLB

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The HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen10 Server Blade is a versatile and powerful solution designed for data centers and virtualized environments. Here are the key features:

  1. Intel Xeon Scalable Processors:

    • The dual Intel Xeon Scalable 4114 processors provide excellent performance for compute-intensive workloads.
    • With 10 cores each, they offer a total of 20 cores to handle demanding tasks efficiently.
  2. Memory Capacity:

    • The server comes equipped with 256 GB of DDR4 SmartMemory, allowing for smooth multitasking and application performance.
  3. Storage and Networking:

    • The 20 GB 650FLB network adapter ensures high-speed connectivity.
    • You can expand storage options using internal SAS drives or other storage solutions.
  4. Management and Efficiency:

    • Leverage HPE OneView for streamlined management, automation, and monitoring.
    • The BL460c Gen10 is energy-efficient, contributing to reduced operational costs.


  • Scalability: Easily scale your infrastructure by adding more blades as needed.
  • Reliability: HPE ProLiant servers are known for their reliability and robust design.
  • Flexibility: Customize storage and networking options based on your requirements.
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