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K2R79A HPE MSA 2040 energy star SAN dual controller LFF storage ref cto

K2R79A HPE MSA 2040 energy star SAN dual controller LFF storage ref cto

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HPE MSA 2040 Energy Star SAN Dual Controller - LFF SAN (K2R79A)

Product Overview

The HPE MSA 2040 Energy Star SAN Dual Controller is a high-performance storage array designed for entry-level Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) customers. It offers flexible connectivity options, including FC 16Gb/s and 10GbE iSCSI, making it an excellent choice for organizations seeking a balance between performance and cost.

Key Specifications

  • Controllers: Dual controllers for redundancy
  • Drive Bays: Twelve empty 3.5" SAS 6Gb/s drive bays (LFF)
  • Connectivity Options:
    • Fibre Channel (FC) 16Gb/s
    • 10GbE iSCSI


  1. High-Speed Connectivity: The dual controllers provide robust connectivity options, ensuring efficient data transfer.
  2. Flexible Storage: The LFF array chassis supports up to 48TB of raw capacity when fully populated with drives.
  3. Ideal for Virtual Environments: Whether you’re running Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, or deploying virtual server technologies like VMware and Hyper-V, the HPE MSA 2040 delivers enterprise functionality to enhance your environment.

Manufacturer part number: K2R79A

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Warranty information

Elantech offers a 30 day warranty on any purchased unit. With free return ground shipping. For more information on our return policy visit the contact page.

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