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00FK455 Lenovo X3550 M5 Hot Swap Fan

00FK455 Lenovo X3550 M5 Hot Swap Fan

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The Lenovo X3550 M5 server’s Hot Swap Fan with part number 00FK455 is a critical component for maintaining optimal cooling within the server. Let’s delve into the specifics of this fan module:

  1. Part Description: The Hot Swap Fan is designed to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the server’s components, ensuring reliable performance and preventing overheating.

  2. Compatibility: The 00FK455 fan module is specifically intended for the Lenovo System x3550 M5 (5463) server model1.

  3. Functionality: It plays a crucial role in cooling critical components such as the CPU, memory, and storage drives.

  4. Hot-Swap Capability: The fan module is hot-swappable, meaning it can be replaced while the server is running without interrupting its operation

Warranty information 

Elantech offers a 30 day warranty on any purchased unit. With free return ground shipping. For more information on our return policy visit the contact page.

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