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0YPDP1 Dell POWEREDGE R610 CTO Chassis+motherboard server

0YPDP1 Dell POWEREDGE R610 CTO Chassis+motherboard server

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Dell PowerEdge R610 CTO Chassis+Motherboard Server

The Dell PowerEdge R610 is a versatile 1U server designed for corporate data centers and remote sites. It offers a blend of performance, reliability, and value. Let’s dive into the details:

Product Overview

  • Model: 0YPDP1
  • Form Factor: 1U Rack Server
  • Processor Support: Dual-socket (1 or 2 processors)
  • Ideal Use Cases:
    • Corporate data centers
    • Remote sites
    • Virtualization environments
    • General-purpose workloads

Key Features

  1. Strong IT Foundation:
    • Reliable performance for critical workloads.
    • Scalable architecture to accommodate growth.
  2. Purposeful Design:
    • Compact 1U form factor saves rack space.
    • Hot-plug components for easy maintenance.
  3. Enhanced Virtualization:
    • Supports virtualization technologies for efficient resource utilization.
    • Ideal for running multiple virtual machines.
  4. Energy-Optimized Technologies:
    • Energy Smart power supplies for efficiency.
    • Designed to reduce power consumption.
  5. Simplified Systems Management:
    • Integrated management tools for easy administration.
    • Streamlined setup and monitoring.
  6. Condition Used-tested-working
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