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700751-B21 HPE Flexbaric 10gb 2p 534flr-Sfp+ r adapter

700751-B21 HPE Flexbaric 10gb 2p 534flr-Sfp+ r adapter

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HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534FLR-SFP+ Adapter

The HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534FLR-SFP+ Adapter is a versatile network interface card (NIC) designed for HPE ProLiant servers. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Features:

  • Throughput and Latency Performance: This adapter delivers industry-leading throughput and low latency, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • FlexibleLOM Form Factor: The 534FLR-SFP+ adapter utilizes the innovative FlexibleLOM form factor, offering dual ports in an SFP+ configuration.
  • Storage Offloads: It supports iSCSI and FCoE storage offloads, enhancing storage traffic efficiency.
  • Switch Independent Network Partitioning (NPAR): Efficiently utilize the 10GbE bandwidth by segmenting each port into four virtual ports, allowing flexible allocation of bandwidth.
  • Enterprise-Class Features:
    • VLAN Tagging
    • Adaptive Interrupt Coalescing
    • MSI-X
    • NIC Teaming (Bonding)
    • Tunnel Offloads (NVGRE, VXLAN)
    • TCP/IP Stateless Offloads
    • Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
    • Jumbo Frames
    • PXE Boot
    • Virtualization Features (SR-IOV, VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ)


The HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534FLR-SFP+ Adapter is compatible with the following HPE ProLiant servers:

  • DL20 Gen9
  • DL60 Gen9
  • DL80 Gen9
  • DL120 Gen9
  • DL160 Gen9
  • DL180 Gen9
  • DL360 Gen9
  • DL360 Gen10
  • DL380 Gen9
  • DL380 Gen10
  • DL560 Gen9
  • DL580 Gen9
  • DL560 Gen10
  • DL580 Gen10
  • Apollo 2000 XL170r Gen9
  • Apollo 2000 XL190r Gen9
  • Apollo 2000 XL170r Gen10
  • Apollo 2000 XL190r Gen10
  • Apollo 4200 Gen9
  • Apollo 4500-XL450 Gen9
  • Apollo 4500-XL450 Gen10
  • Apollo 6000 XL230a Gen9
  • Apollo 6000 XL230b Gen9
  • Apollo 6000 XL250a Gen9
  • Apollo 6500 XL270d Gen9

Please note that this list includes supported servers, and some may be discontinued.

Model Numbers:

  • 700751-B21: HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534FLR-SFP+ Adapter
  • 700752-B21: HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534FLR-SFP+ FIO Adapter (Field-Installable Option)


Warranty information  

Elantech offers a 30 day warranty on any purchased unit. With free return ground shipping. For more information on our return policy visit the contact page.


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