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804331-B21 HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 raid controller

804331-B21 HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 raid controller

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HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 12G SAS Modular Controller

The HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 Controller is an enterprise-class RAID controller designed to maximize performance and storage capacity without occupying a PCIe expansion slot. Whether you’re managing messaging systems, databases, or general server applications, this controller delivers reliable performance and robust features. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Features

  1. Increased Performance for Faster Data Insights:

    • Provides 12 Gb/s SAS connectivity on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers when connected to 12 Gb/s internal storage devices.
    • Enhances performance with 2 GB Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC), reducing latency in write-intensive applications.
    • Utilizes HPE SSD Smart Path to create a faster I/O path between the controller and SSDs.
    • Supports HPE Smart Array SR SmartCache (optional license) for caching hot data onto SSDs.
  2. Built-in Reliability and Security:

    • Protects data-at-rest on any drive attached to the controller with HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption (optional license).
    • Complies with regulations for sensitive data (such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley) with FIPS 140-2 Implementation Under Test (expected FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation complete in 2018).
    • Monitors drive health with HPE SmartSSD Wear Gauge to detect potential issues before a drive fails.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Storage Management:

    • Operates in Mixed Mode, supporting RAID and HBA operations simultaneously.
    • Rapidly configure RAID volumes using the UEFI storage configuration tool.
    • Manage drives efficiently with HPE Smart Storage Administrator (SSA).


  • Internal SAS Lanes: 8
  • Cache: 2 GB Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC)
  • Form Factor: Type-A modular controller (dedicated storage slot)
  • Compatibility: HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers
  • Condition used


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