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845052-B21 HPE iLO Advanced 1 Server License 1yr Support

845052-B21 HPE iLO Advanced 1 Server License 1yr Support

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  1. Product Overview:

    • The HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License provides advanced features for remote server administration.
    • It includes support for one server for a duration of one year.
    • The license enables enhanced security, simplified management, and power control features.
  2. Key Features:

    • Sophisticated Remote Administration:
      • Integrated Remote Console with virtual keyboard and mouse.
      • Supports global team collaboration for up to six consoles.
      • Console record and playback of server administration activity.
      • Virtual media and folders to simplify server setup.
      • Power management with 24-hour history and dynamic capping for health monitoring, power, and thermal control.
    • Enhanced Security Features:
      • Factory-provisioned server identity (iLO IDevID) and user-defined server identity (iLO LDevID).
      • Silicon root of trust from HPE for system protection.
      • Directory Service Authentication for user-password policies.
      • Common access card (CAC)/personal identity verification (PIV) card-based 2-factor authentication.
      • Kerberos authentication for dual authentication.
    • Simplified Server Management at Scale:
      • Group virtual media within an HPE iLO Federation group.
      • Group power control to turn several servers on and off with a single click.
      • Group power capping to share power consumption among a group of servers.
      • Group license activation for faster implementation of HPE iLO licenses.
  3. Specifications:

    • License Type: HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License
    • Support Duration: 1 year
    • SKU: 512485-B21
    • Compatibility: Compatible with HPE Gen10 server portfolios and later.
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