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HP StoreEasy 1630 Storage Unit B7D94A

HP StoreEasy 1630 Storage Unit B7D94A

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  1. Product Overview:

    • The HP StoreEasy 1630 Storage is designed to address file and application storage needs efficiently.
  2. Hardware Specifications:

    • Processor: 1x Intel Xeon E5-2407 (2.2 GHz Quad-Core).
    • Memory: 16 GB.
    • Storage Controller: SMART ARRAY P822/2GB FBWC controller.
    • Fan kit included 
    • Power Supplies: 2x 750W.
    • Hard Drives: Not included (requires separate purchase).
    • Rails: Not included.
    • Cable Arm: Not included.
  3. Condition:

    • Used: The unit has been tested and is confirmed to be 100% working.
    • Warranty: 30 days
    • These units are heavy high qty orders will require freight
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