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P07650-B21 HPE 64gb (1X64gb) dual rank x4 ddr4-3200 cas-22-22-22

P07650-B21 HPE 64gb (1X64gb) dual rank x4 ddr4-3200 cas-22-22-22

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This listing is for  P07650-B21 HPE 64gb (1X64gb) dual rank x4 ddr4-3200 cas-22-22-22 registered smart memory.

  1. High Performance:

    • Provides improvements in bandwidth compared to DDR4 2933 MT/s memory modules.
    • Delivers improvements in latency at 3200 MT/s.
    • Enables total server memory optimization and runs at top throughput speed.
  2. High Reliability:

    • Rigorously tested and qualified on all HPE server platforms to ensure the highest level of signal integrity.
    • Prevents unnecessary DIMM replacement and reduces server downtime with advanced memory error detection technology.
    • Utilizes the highest quality materials, reducing issues that may affect signal integrity and increasing system reliability.
  3. Total Cost of Ownership Management:

    • Designed for small to large enterprise customers with a significant need for performance and capacity.
    • Helps manage total cost of ownership by providing efficient and reliable memory.
  4. Quality Assurance:

    • Only the highest-quality DRAM modules are selected from top suppliers.
    • Critical for data center trends such as server virtualization, cloud computing, and large database applications.
    • 30 day warranty buy with confidence! 


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