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SRKXK Intel Xeon Gold 6326 2.9GHz 16 Core

SRKXK Intel Xeon Gold 6326 2.9GHz 16 Core

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SRKXK Intel Xeon Gold 6326 2.9GHz 16 Core Processor

The Intel Xeon Gold 6326 is a powerful processor designed for demanding server environments. With 16 cores and 32 threads, it delivers exceptional performance for compute-intensive workloads. Let’s explore the key features and specifications of this processor:

Key Features:

  • Core Count: 16 cores, allowing for parallel processing.
  • Clock Speed: Base frequency of 2.90GHz with a maximum turbo frequency of 3.50GHz.
  • Cache: 24MB Smart Cache for efficient data access.
  • Lithography: Manufactured using a 10nm process.
  • TDP: Thermal Design Power of 185W.


  • Model Number: SRKXK
  • Instruction Set: 64-bit with support for Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX, Intel® AVX2, and Intel® AVX-512.
  • Memory Support: Up to 6TB (dependent on memory type) with DDR4-3200.
  • Embedded Options: Available for enhanced flexibility.
  • Security Features: Includes Intel® AES New Instructions and Execute Disable Bit.
  • Virtualization Technology: Supports Intel® VT-x and Intel® VT-d.
  • Platform Compatibility: Designed for 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly Ice Lake).

Use Cases:

  • Enterprise Servers: Ideal for data centers and mission-critical applications.
  • Telecommunications: Compliant with Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) standards.
  • Scalable Computing: Suitable for large-scale data processing and virtualization.

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